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Current release:

Libcmpio 0.2.5

  April 14, 2011

What is Libcmpio?
Libcmpio is a general purpose library, which provides an easy way to manipulate data files with variable record length, record compression, transparent volume creation and control and portability among different platforms . It works on many Unix-like platforms. The source code is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2. Code embedded in Libcmpio from other open source projects like zlib and libbzip2 is distributed under their respective licenses.

What language did you use?
Libcmpio is written for APE (ANSI C99/POSIX.1-2001 environment). You may impose the compiling of strict ANSI C89 code by adding the option -DCMP_ANSIC89 to the EXTRADEFS environment variable. Two functions, fcntl (2) and fileno (3), are the only non-ANSI C89 functions used when you define the CMP_ANSIC89 macro. 

Where is the manual?
The on line manual of the current release can be found here.
Older versions: 0.2.1,

Where is the source code?

How do i contact the author?
 Send email to: stormjib at freemail dot gr


20110414 - v.0.2.5
* Makefiles now support the LIBPREFIX environment variable

20081129 - v.0.2.4
* A minor bug in cmpio_rebuild (segfault with fp exception when the records were less than ten)
* A minor bug in Makefiles

20081117 - v.0.2.3
* A major bug in cmp_dvol_create fixed. Please upgrade.

20081112 - v.0.2.2
* Minor bugs fixed.

20071216 - v.0.2.1
* Makefile changes.

20071202 - v.0.2.0
* Libcmpio now exploits the benefits of APE with significant performance gain.
* CMP_ANSIC89 macro introduced. When compiling with this macro defined, Libcmpio retains its ANSI C89 compatibility.
* cmpio_getdatasize () introduced.
* Record size limit is now the half of the volume size. This limitation affects cmpio_append () and cmpio_overwrite ().
* CMP_ERR_RECSIZE introduced.
* Minor optimizations for RISC processors.
* LDFLAGS environment variable is now recognized by the Makefile.

20071124 - v.0.1.0
* Initial release of the source code